Maria DB Galera Cluster pros and crons

MariaDB Galera Cluster

In Galera, databases shall comply with some requirements. The key ones user should follow creating tables are:

InnoDB Storage Engine. Data must be stored in the InnoDB transactional storage engine.

Primary Keys. Every table that is to be replicated must have an explicit primary key, either a single or a multi-column index.

MariaDB Galera Cluster is only available for Linux operating systems. It requires use of the InnoDB storage engine and does not support XA transactions.


Writes made to any node in this cluster replicate to all the other nodes of the cluster

what really happen when maria db server starts:

In planning the number of systems to provision for MariaDB Galera Cluster, it is important to keep cluster operation in mind. Ensuring that it has enough disk space and that it is able to maintain a Primary Component in the event of outages.

Cluster Configuration


# General Configuration
bind_address =
innodb_autoinc_lock_mode = 2

# Cluster Configuration
wsrep_cluster_name = "accounting_cluster"
wsrep_cluster_address = "gcomm://,,"

# wsrep Provider
wsrep_provider = /usr/lib/galera/
wsrep_provider_options = "evs.suspect_timeout=PT10S"

General Configuration

Cluster Name and Address

deployments in the cloud, you may also need to set the wsrep_node_address system variable, so that MariaDB Community Server properly informs other Servers how to reach it.

Galera Replicator Plugin

Cluster Replication






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